Professional Oxalic Acid Vaporizer


  • ​Precision Temperature Control - Adjustable on-the-Fly

​              ​​This is very important to prevent degradation of oxalic acid. 


  • Adjustable Air Flow on Handle​

  • ​​Ergonomic Handle and Shoulder Strap - Change Position On-the-Fly

  • Fast -  Treats over 300 Hives per Hour

​​               It only takes 10 seconds per hive.

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Construction for Excellent Durability​

  • Modular Design is Field-Strippable for On-the-Fly Cleaning or Repair

​               If a heating element burns out you can't afford to send it back for repairs. Carry an                              inexpensive spare and be back in action in less than 30 minutes.



  • Future-Proof with any Improvements Added to existing Platform